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Lendisoft LMS

Manage your loan portfolio's lifecycle and maximize collection results.

Loan Management Software

Full Featured LMS

Our enterprise-level loan management software comes preconfigured with a full set of risk management features that will help you maximize your collection efforts.

Risk Management Suite

Our risk management suite of tools delivers the same competitive advantages as your biggest competitors.

Dedicated Risk Experts

 You will have a dedicated team of risk analysts for software configuration, analytical assistance, and portfolio monitoring to optimize efficiencies and effectiveness.

Lend with confidence.

We provide an end-to-end lending platform, giving lenders the ability to manage risk effectively, maximize collections, and grow their business with confidence.

Our trusted partners.

Enhance your operation with our extensive suite of trusted partner integrations.


We serve industries like yours.

We give lenders like you the ability to manage risk effectively, maximize collections, and grow their business with confidence.

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Auto Finance

Risk management features you deserve.

Potential Delinquency

Our software supports the Potential Delinquency method of collecting, known by enterprise-lenders to improve month-end collections by as much as 30%.

Risk Grade

We use Net Balance at Risk (NBAR) as the basis for assigning risk grades (A-E) to every active loan, powered by six scoring models under the hood.

Best Time to Call Logic

Our software calculates the best time to contact a borrower for each available phone number based on previous activity. Increase your right-party-contacts and minimize call attempts on your portfolio. 

Smart Work Queues

Our smart work queues adjust each agent’s worklists using intelligent sorting algorithms. For example, if a customer broke their promise to pay yesterday, the account will show up at the top of the list.

Skill-Based Assignments

Since our software assigns a risk grade to every loan, you can assign the toughest accounts to your superstar collectors. Our reporting package will help you identify your best collectors.

Next Action AI

Our software will suggest the next best course of action based on account stage and borrower response rate.

Champion vs Challenger

Not sure what calling strategy or communication schedule are most effective? Our software facilitates champion/challenger campaigns to learn what strategies work best on your portfolio.

Odds of Roll

Our software illustrates each account’s odds of roll to a deeper or more current delinquency bucket using a visual speedometer gauge. This powerful meter employs 12 scoring models in its calculations.

LTV Timeline

Our LTV Timeline chart illustrates the relationship between principal balance and collateral value over the entire loan term. Not only does it utilize current and historical data, it also forecasts future LTV to help drive informed decision-making.

Going dark

means better visibility.

Lendisoft LMS includes a dark-mode user interface that improves visibility, reduces eye strain, and cuts harmful blue light that suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone important for getting proper sleep at night.

Dark Mode.PNG

Painless data mapping.
Seamless import tool.

Our built-in data mapping and import screens will help you seamlessly import loans and onboard portfolios with data detection, data validation, and format correction features.


We stay compliant, you stay protected.

We have a regulatory compliance program and are up to date with over a dozen regulations. Learn how our technologies can mitigate risk.


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