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Not Your Typical Reporting Package

When it comes to most lending software, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports are mostly useless, at least that’s been my experience. Unfortunately, enterprise lenders have learned if they want truly useful reporting, they must build it themselves. Given my countless frustrations with so many software vendors, I’ve completely given up on asking for custom reports, opting instead for a full export of all of my data at regular intervals. I remember one vendor wanted to charge us for every custom report we request, and they also rejected our request for full data exports, so we had to get clever and ask for a custom report that included every field in their database. In their confusion, that seemed to do the trick, but they would still charge us each time we ran that data request (er, “report”). And as for the out-of-the-box reports? Just a bunch of pretty-looking pie charts about nothing too important.

At Lendisoft, we deliver to you full exports of all your data every night, and conveniently put them in a well-organized library, accessible right in our software. We also deliver a full-suite of reports that are actually useful—the same types of reports enterprise lenders need to monitor everyday company performance. Take our static pool reporting suite for example. Vintage static pool reporting is critical to understand how recent originations are performing relative to older pools at the same months’ aging. We deliver 26 different vintage static pool variations right out-of-the-box, and we create pools for each variation in monthly, quarterly, and annual vintages—that’s 78 different “vintage” reports delivered every month-end. And we’re just getting started. Beyond vintage reporting, we also have a host of “portfolio-based” reports that focuses on days past due (reportables), days past due (non-reportables), payments collected, extensions granted, and repo inventory. Beyond that, we’ll also create any custom reporting requests and deliver them at any requested frequency—all as a complimentary service and without charging anything extra.

Something also worth mentioning is that while other software companies like to deliver reports as “un-editable” PDFs, Lendisoft delivers output files in .csv, and reports in Excel format—so you can edit, extend, or otherwise add more formulas and subtotals however your choose. It’s these little things that make a big difference—we know, we’ve been there.

Finally, while most of our reporting is delivered as files to your designated library, we also include an Executive Dashboard Page that makes for fast-and-easy reference of virtually all of our reports in dynamic “views”, accessible at the click of a button. Here’s an example of just our vintage reporting variations (we deliver separate reports for each code):

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