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Xperisource Servicing Selects Lendisoft LMS forRisk Management and Multilingual Support

Updated: Jun 3

Irvine, CA, June 1, 2023 – Lendisoft Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based loan servicing software, has been selected by Xperisource to enhance their technology and analytics offering to empower their clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

At the core of Lendisoft's sophisticated LMS platform is a cloud-based and scalable Common Operating Environment (COE) that supports a host of plug-ins and modules designed for lenders of all sizes and levels of expertise. Lendisoft Founder and CEO, Rick Haskell, shared, "Our cloud-based Lender First strategy is delightfully easy to use, supports multiple languages, and is well-positioned to dominate within the multicultural loan servicing markets."

Lendisoft's platform is designed with built-in risk management capabilities, making it a strong choice for best-in-class loan servicing operations.

Lendisoft's risk management and multi-language support were highlighted as key reasons why Xperisource selected Lendisoft to support their growing US-based Hispanic market. "Employee and customer satisfaction are critical to our servicing operation," said Louis Ochoa, Founder and CEO of Xperisource. "With my 30+ years of loan servicing experience, I've learned that employee morale translates to better customer satisfaction, improved consumer interaction, and increased profit for my clients. Lendisoft is helping Xperisource to achieve these goals even more effectively."

Bill Gerber, Lendisoft CRO, said, "Our approach is refreshing. It's a simple, yet sophisticated, cloud-based strategy built with the lending professional in mind!"

Lenders rely on the Lendisoft Loan Management System (LMS) to transform their first party servicing operations with capabilities such as risk grades, skills-based assignments, and A/B testing. Lendisoft's unique risk-driven metrics, AI algorithms, and omnichannel communications deliver a robust cloud-based LMS solution.

About Lendisoft, Inc.: As a renowned purveyor of a comprehensive Loan Management software suite, Lendisoft also offers integrated Risk Management solutions via a SaaS/Subscription model. Leveraging state-of-the-art developments in cloud-based, Big Data, and AI technologies, we equip lenders with the tools to cultivate a highly profitable portfolio, enhance operational performance, and remain compliant with State & Federal Regulatory guidelines. For further information or to schedule a demo, please reach us at 949-888-5557. Additional information can be found on our website at

About Xperisource Servicing:

We are firm believers that high turnover has a direct negative impact on the customer experience. That why we have invested so heavily in programs that keep our agents engaged, satisfied, and loyal. If you are ready to engage with a customer care and loan servicing partner that hires and retains the best of the best, reach out to us at 888.722.0829 or Additional information can be found on our website at Xperisource.


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