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Lendisoft Unveils Lendisoft Insights: Revolutionizing Loan Operations for Maximum Profitability

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Lendisoft, Inc., a preeminent loan servicing software provider headquartered in California, is thrilled to announce a substantial enhancement to its product suite through the introduction of Lendisoft Insights, a powerful overlay product designed to deliver transformative benefits by invigorating lending operations and maximizing profitability.

Specifically engineered for operating managers and executives in the field of loan operations, Lendisoft Insights provides a thorough snapshot of performance with a pronounced emphasis on robust Risk Management. This overlay product integrates seamlessly with existing Loan Management Systems (LMS), requiring no change to the System of Record, no additional IT resources, and no extensive implementation period.

Utilizing Lendisoft's proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge technology, our API integration processes your current performance data, producing daily insights that are centered on growth, collections, and profit.

Esteemed industry leaders and advisors have likened Lendisoft Insights to "PowerBI on Steroids," demonstrating its specialization and efficacy for lending managers.

Rick Haskell, Founder & CEO, of Lendisoft says, “ Lendisoft Insights is positioned to revitalize lending operations with a simple, low cost, cloud-based solution that overlays on your existing LMS. Perfect for lending operations requiring an immediate lift in performance”.

Constructed by lenders for lenders, Lendisoft Insights serves as an excellent addition to our existing Lendisoft Loan Management System (LMS) suite and our wide-ranging Business Process Operations (BPO) services.

About Lendisoft, Inc.: As a renowned purveyor of a comprehensive Loan Management software suite, Lendisoft also offers integrated Risk Management solutions via a SaaS/Subscription model. Leveraging state-of-the-art developments in cloud-based, Big Data, and AI technologies, we equip lenders with the tools to cultivate a highly profitable portfolio, enhance operational performance, and remain compliant with State & Federal Regulatory guidelines. For further information or to schedule a demo, please reach us at 949-888-5557.

Additional information about Lendisoft Insights can be found on our website at


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