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Lendisoft Outsourcing

Get your operations up to speed by leveraging the resources

of our experienced team, technology, and compliance controls.


The Service

Lendisoft will take total control of your accounts receivable and employ the industry's best collection efforts and customer service to maximize payments coming in the door.


We operate under your brand with a complete understanding of your products and values.

Risk Management

Predictive analytics enables a surgical approach through the use of risk-based strategies.

Performance Driven

We do skill-based assignments so the toughest accounts are always serviced by our best.

Trusted by our clients and pre-integrated partners

The Problem

Getting your own in-house collection and asset recovery operations up to speed can be costly and risky--you may be opening yourself to regulatory repercussions without the necessary staff, experience, compliance, and technology.

Stressed Man
The Solution

Leverage the resources of our experienced team, technology, and compliance controls to maximize collections and minimize losses.  Our delinquency workflow process maximizes your returns by deploying risk-based strategies at an account level.

Front-End Collections

Easily manage user roles and permissions, ensuring each team member has the appropriate access to tools and data needed for their specific tasks.

Back-End Collections

Team covers accounts in deeper stages of delinquency with the primary goal of mitigating events like repo & charge off.

Asset Recovery

Robust recovery protocol helps you recover and liquidate assets through vast network of forwarders and auctions.

Deficiency Collections

In-depth skip-tracing and use of proprietary deficiency collection strategies as well as legal and settlement initiatives.

The Result

This subprime auto portfolio adopted our collection and asset recovery services after years of pain with an industry leading servicer.


Percentage of reduction in agents and staff with the use of automation.


Percentage increase of average monthly payments collected.


Percentage decrease if delinquency on average 30+ days due accounts.

Final Steps

Your success is our success. We have developed an extensive onboarding process that includes consulting and operational procedures that we employ internally for your lending institution.


"Acquiring Lendisoft as a vendor partner is probably one of the BEST decisions we have ever made! We have been continually impressed. Not only with their high level of value added service, but the features of the software have far exceeded our expectations."

Lendisoft Client

using Lendisoft LMS


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