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Lendisoft Announces CarletonCalcs Integration with Carleton, Inc.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Irvine, CA, May 17, 2022 – California-based loan servicing software provider, Lendisoft announced today that it has integrated CarletonCalcs®APIs within its Lendisoft Servicing platform. Lendisoft is a preconfigured enterprise Loan Management System (LMS) with a full suite of risk management and compliance features. The included risk management features are designed to maximize collection efforts while ensuring payments are collected and reported in accordance with lender allocation requirements. This sophisticated compliance solution ensures Federal & State regulations, as well as Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mandates, are tracked and followed. CarletonCalcs® is a suite of computation software APIs which enable software applications to calculate payments, fees, taxes, and nearly all calculations required for every subset of the consumer lending industry. Lendisoft Servicing leverages CarletonCalcs® Loan Servicing APIs, enhancing the compliance features built into Lendisoft’s platform. Lendisoft Servicing integrates specific CarletonCalcs® APIs which ensure proper interest accrual rules and allocations between principal interest, late charges, and non-sufficient funds fees. These rules, charges, and fees are accurately aligned with state regulations and institutional product requirements. The CarletonCalcs® APIs support Lendisoft’s ability to tailor corresponding loan-servicing workflows and risk assessment tools for all their lenders, dealers, and financial service providers utilizing their platform. By partnering with Carleton, the leader in compliant financial calculations software, Lendisoft is well-positioned to expand and bring their LMS into any consumer lending market. This flexibility will ensure quick integrations and compliance as their clients grow, adapt, and add new or modified products to the market. “CarletonCalcs® offers Lendisoft a proven workflow and process for our most sophisticated and progressive clients. Our choice was simple! Carleton leverages the Lendisoft API wizards to ensure integration is done right the first time and in the least time,” said Vijay Singh, Founder & CEO. “Carleton was the right choice from a ‘Go to Market’ perspective too. Their market share, compliance maturity, and platform reliability give Lendisoft client’s the security and comfort to focus on their business…lending money,” said Bill Gerber, CRO and Founder’s Circle member. With Lendisoft Servicing, customers have a flexible and intuitive platform that allows clients to simplify and align compliance workflows to the needs of the specific lender, their products, and the borrower-risk profiles they target. Carleton and Lendisoft mutually embrace a compliance-first focus which provides great synergy between their comprehensive suite of products. This core feature is what makes the Lendisoft platform so valuable. “Lendisoft LMS is driven by a team of executives who have the experience to understand the demand for compliance features expected in a modern LMS solution,” said Matt Ruszkowski, President, and COO of Carleton. “Lendisoft Servicing was built to address the resource-intensive burden compliance practices require in the consumer lending industry. Lendisoft built a product focused on maximizing the efficiency of a quick API integration with the software tools to significantly reduce compliance burdens. Their CarletonCalcs® integration adds further assurance that the compliance tools in the Lendisoft Servicing LMS are delivered with the latest technology, are quick to implement, and are flexible enough to adapt to any regulatory requirement in the future,” continued Ruszkowski. About Lendisoft, Inc.: Lendisoft is the “new kid on the block”, disrupting the lending industry with its refreshing approach, pairing cloud-based SaaS technologies with risk management features and consulting. We provide an end-to-end lending platform, giving lenders the ability to manage risk effectively, maximize collections with compliance, and grow their business with confidence. Learn more about Lendisoft Servicing at About Carleton, Inc.: Carleton is the country's leading provider of financial calculation software, loan origination compliance support, and document generation software. Based in South Bend, Indiana, Carleton possesses over 50 years of leadership in the rapidly changing consumer credit industry. Carleton guarantees accuracy in all their calculations and disclosures enabling their partners to fulfill compliance requirements today and well into the future. To learn more about Carleton Lending Solutions, please visit, or contact Joe McTigue, Client Engagement Executive at 800-433-0090 Ext. 239 or

Lendisoft is an end-to-end Loan Management software suite with an integrated set of Risk Management solutions. Delivered via a Saas/Subscription model, Lendisoft leverages the latest in cloud based, Big Data and AI technologies to help lenders obtain a highly profitable portfolio, greater operational performance and adhere to State & Federal Regulatory and Compliance guidelines. Want to learn more? Call us at 949-888-5557 to answer your questions or schedule a DEMO today!


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