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Lendisoft Announces Payment Processing Integration with REPAY

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Irvine, CA, May 17, 2022 – California-based loan servicing software provider, Lendisoft announced today that it has integrated REPAY within its Lendisoft Servicing platform. Lendisoft is a preconfigured enterprise Loan Management System (LMS) with a full suite of risk management and compliance features. The included risk management features are designed to maximize collection efforts while ensuring payments are collected and reported in accordance with lender allocation requirements. This sophisticated compliance solution ensures Federal & State regulations, as well as Consumer Financial Protection Bureau mandates, are tracked and followed. REPAY + Lendisoft Integrated Payment Processing

REPAY is integrated directly to Lendisoft Loan Management Software (LMS) platform to support anytime, anywhere payments. The REPAY integration makes it easier for borrowers to pay, increasing on-time payments and the number of payments made utilizing the Lendisoft integration.

REPAY and Lendisoft discuss partnering together in this edition of Lunch Bites. About Lendisoft, Inc.: Lendisoft is the “new kid on the block”, disrupting the lending industry with its refreshing approach, pairing cloud-based SaaS technologies with risk management features and consulting. We provide an end-to-end lending platform, giving lenders the ability to manage risk effectively, maximize collections with compliance, and grow their business with confidence. Learn more about Lendisoft Servicing at About REPAY: REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions to verticals that have specific transaction processing needs. REPAY’s proprietary, integrated payment technology platform reduces the complexity of electronic payments for clients, while enhancing the overall experience for consumers and businesses. Want to learn more? Call us at 949-888-5557 to answer your questions or schedule a DEMO today!


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