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Lendisoft Data Miner

User wizards and automation to perform extensive portfolio analytics at the push of a button.

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The Service - The Risk Manager's Pocket Knife

Through our decades of real-world lending experience, we’ve identified some of the most important KPIs and analysis a lender needs to do to properly monitor and evolve their operation. Cumulative Net Loss (CNL) is perhaps the most important KPI of all, since it represents how much principal goes unrealized in a loan portfolio’s performance. Our Risk Manager’s Pocket Knife comes with an incredible Excel module that has matured and has become more automated over time. And now, you can have this tool to monitor and data-mine your own loan portfolio with ease.

Need to identify your top, most predictive variables? Need to know precisely where each variable’s most predictive breakpoints are? Could you benefit from instantly knowing your most dangerous, underperforming customer segments? Or perhaps you’d like to statistically identify your top, best performing customer segments to unlock new opportunities for pricing-in discounts in your lowest-risk customer segments. All of this is easily done with our amazing CNL-based segmentation tool. The Risk Manager’s Pocket Knife really delivers value!

Moreover, we also include a Campaign Builder tool that lets you specify custom criteria to quickly build populations of your customer-base to learn how they perform (loan count, loan size in dollars, and each segment’s CNL percentage).

For a quick preview, please watch this preview video:

For more information about our scorecard development, risk management tools and training services, please contact us at (949) 888-5556.

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