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An Easy Path to Collections Optimization

Everyone hates their LMS! But most suffer through, year after year, rather than face the consequence of changing it. Consider the risks of changing… first you’ll most likely have several bad collection months as agents acclimate to a complicated new system. Next, think of all the signoffs you’ll need to make this kind of change—board of directors? Investors? Senior money providers? And then there’s the headache of swapping-out payment merchants, and that’s just the beginning! Yuck!

But geez, it sure would be nice to have a modern LMS, one that’s 100% cloud-based, with beautiful UI, and jam-packed with modern features that drive efficiencies. If any of this sounds familiar, read on…

What if you could have your cake, and eat it too? What if you could keep your old, ugly system (LOL), but layer on top a modern, cloud-based overlay exclusively for collections optimization? Got your attention?

Lendisoft now offers an LMS alternative—we call it our Collections Optimization Package. In this implementation, payments flow into your existing LMS like normal, but everything else is entirely new—an LMS overlay that’s 100% cloud-based, ultra-customizable, no-coding required so your business execs can fly the ship, and includes a heavy layer of risk management tools aimed at driving risk-based efficiencies (things like assigning your toughest accounts to your top collectors, native support for champion/challenger campaigns, and a host of AI/automation tools that make your agents better, faster, and more accurate than ever before). We’ve included everything the biggest enterprise lenders use to drive competitive advantage, and we’ve priced our solution using a per-delinquent-account model, so even the smallest lenders can afford it.

Features include:

● Potential Delinquency Collections Method ● Unlimited Scorecards ● Heavy Compliance Configuration Settings ● Champion Challenger Campaigns (A/B testing) ● Great UI & Process Driven Design ● Intelligent Work Queues (rule-based sorting) ● Risk-Based Assignments (best agents get toughest accounts) ● Next Action AI (tells agent what to do next) ● NBAR (Net Balance at Risk) Based Risk Ratings (Grades = A-E) ● Best Time to Call Logic, with Click-To-Dial ● LTV (Loan to Value) Timeline Chart ● Portfolio Performance Reporting Package ● Staff Performance Reporting Package ● Revision Change Log (post-mortem analysis) ● No-Coding Required (Excel-syntax rule building) ● Ergonomic User Interface ● Light Mode and Dark Mode (user preference) ● Virtually Infinite Configuration Options ● Process-Driven Architecture (using workflows and heavy validation rules to ensure accuracy) ● Data Warehouse (including every data field on every screen) ● Artificial Intelligence (helps users do their job more efficiently, more effectively) ● Global Search (one-search access to accounts) ● Risk Management Reports (One place to access all your performance tracking reports) ● Dashboard Reports (Live charts and graphs showcasing your most important KPIs) ● Department Structures (Lendisoft knows your unique department structures and staffing levels) ● User Maintenance (discreet maintenance access for HR, IT, and Departments) ● Email Notifications (custom designs, send in batch or to just one account, scheduled or manual) ● Mail Notifications (our mail fulfillment service mails notices and billing statements for you) ● Roles (control access to pages plus special one-off options at field-level) ● Statuses (preconfigured—all rule-based and governed by the system) ● Rule-Based Architecture (build custom rules, fully configurable) ● Pre-Integrated Partners ● Document Viewing (WYSIWYG viewing, so staff sees exactly what the customers see)

All of this and more! And all without the fuss and muss of a complete swap-out. Lendisoft has arrived—for a demo, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today!


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