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Lendisoft LMS Feature: Activity Notes

Activity is what it’s all about of course—generating activity… capturing activity… and presenting activity in a meaningful way to your agents. Without activity, not much gets done: outbound activity to prompt action from borrowers; inbound activity from borrowers through their preferred communication channels; and of course, the root purpose for all that communication—to maximize payments. At Lendisoft, we take all of this very seriously. Our Activity Notes page is designed to capture all of this and more. Within our UI, we’ve created charts to express all kinds of movement (e.g., our Last 30-day communication chart, which plots various communication types on an X/Y timing matrix). In our Activity Notes page, we’ve created lists that detail the entire history of actions and activity. Lists include columns that are sortable to quickly drill-down on your focus area. You can even export the activity list to a .csv file for even greater flexibility and analysis. Also worth mentioning is we include Promise to Pay Date and Amount in the display list, and in a green or red font depending on if the promise was kept or broken. It’s those little things that make Lendisoft the most process-driven LMS in the industry. For a demo, contact us today!


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