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Lendisoft LMS Feature: Form Builder

Have you ever heard the term, WYSIWYG? It stands for what you see is what you get, and with Lendisoft’s Form Builder, the forms you create in our Form Builder will look exactly the same when your customer receives the email. Our software’s text editor always starts with a new form as a blank slate. It feels and functions just like any word processor. There are familiar tools up in the ribbon for font, style, color, size, and everything else you’d want as you create email templates for your business. You can include your logo or other images, and you can include attachments meant to accompany the email. You can also incorporate variable tokens into your message, so a single template can be used over and over with our mail-merge technology. You can create unlimited forms by the way, and then create rules that will send them out automatically. Or, agents can send them out manually for one-off emails. Want to send a welcome email each time you onboard a new loan? It’s a breeze. You can even create rules that combine our powerful risk grades with indicators like days past due. In this fashion, you can setup a matrix-like framework that sends out more friendly worded forms to the lower-risk accounts, and more sternly worded forms to the higher-risk accounts. It’s all possible in our drag-and-drop, no-code solution. For a demo, contact us today!


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