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Lendisoft LMS Feature: Widgets

Widgets are how you access our comprehensive texting and calling services through our 3rd party integration partners. Take our SMS widget for example. Texting is quickly becoming the industry’s most desired form of communication. Lendisoft has partnered with Solutions by Text, bringing their cutting-edge texting capabilities to our leading-edge solution. Click on the SMS widget, and a beautifully crafted sub-window appears, with everything agents need to access previous messages, and to create new messages using free-form text or from an infinite selection of SMS templates. By the way, if you don’t want newer agents creating free-form messages until they’re a little more seasoned, it’s all editable in our Role configuration page. Our VOIP calling widget is equally well-appointed with numerous calling capabilities—giving agents a fully-integrated calling experience. We even include click-to-dial functionality so outbound calls are literally just a click away. And if you’re concerned about compliance, don’t be—we disable these widgets when accounts are outside preconfigured communication limits. You need to see this to appreciate our one-of-a-kind approach to widget design and implementation. For a demo, contact us today!


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