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Lendisoft was selected as a FINALIST in the Auto Finance News Innovation Summit DEMOvation Challenge

The Innovation Summit is the premier event for technology in Auto Finance held at the Intercontinental San Diego on April 25-26. Join us as we take on other finalists in the DEMOvation Challenge, a ‘Shark Tank’ type competition, showcasing the best innovations for 2022.

Lendisoft attendees will include:

  • Rick Haskell, COO & Founder

  • Bill Gerber, CRO – Founder’s Circle

  • Eli Boy, VP Product & Design – Founder’s Circle

Lendisoft is an end-to-end Loan Management software suite with an integrated set of Risk Management solutions. Delivered via a Saas/Subscription model, Lendisoft leverages the latest in cloud based, Big Data and AI technologies to help lenders obtain a highly profitable portfolio, greater operational performance and adhere to State & Federal Regulatory and Compliance guidelines. Want to learn more? Call us at 949-888-5557 to answer your questions or schedule a DEMO today!


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