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Loan management software doesn’t have to be complicated

Have you ever wished you had more control of settings and customization in your current software? At Lendisoft, we understand that frustration because we’ve been there time and time again. Lendisoft LMS truly is the software we always wished existed.

Manage Roles

Take Roles for example. It can be so frustrating having to give access to an entire area of the software when some of those sections should be off-limits. In Lendisoft LMS, you’re in total control of Role settings. We approached Role Settings using a site-map approach, so every page can be configured with No Access, Read Only Access, or Edit Access for every user in your organization. Need to create an unusual Role template for external auditors? It’s a breeze with Lendisoft LMS.

We even have a dedicated Special Permissions section where you control many field-level controls. Want agents to only see the last 4 of the SSN, while managers see all 9 digits? No problem. You can even show or hide certain charts and graphs depending on your needs.

Manage Users

Collection managers and administrators appreciate the intricate details and appointments we’ve built into Lendisoft LMS. Often these features get overlooked when you’re seeking out new technologies. It’s not until the training begins where these nice surprises make themselves known. For example, if you’re responsible for user maintenance and onboarding, you’ll greatly appreciate our customized user profile settings. Create users, add a profile picture, set each user’s light-mode/dark-mode preference, generate initial passwords and PIN numbers, and input detailed information about a user’s branch, job description, department, direct supervisor, and even HR fields like employment type and status. There’s even a dedicated IT panel where you can specify phone number and extension, seat location, and email address. You also assign roles that give you precise control and accessibility to every screen in our software.

What’s more, Lendisoft UI just feels right. Everything is where you’d expect it to be. It’s like entering a luxury automobile where you just know this is the one.

Manage Transactions

Loan management software doesn’t have to be complicated. Lendisoft is changing the game with its revolutionary design. Take our Transactions page for example… as customer payments come in, they appear in a nice-looking queue, with the most useful information displayed in a single row. Want more detail, simply click on the row and a more detailed sub-section appears. We include visually beautiful sub-section panels for: Payment Info, Waterfall Breakdown, Paid-to-Date, and Remaining Balance, each displaying their own unique subtotals. Need to reverse a payment from a few days ago? Or worse, need to edit a transaction from a month ago? Our clever “cascading effect” will reprocess every newer transaction in perfect sequence, so balance fields for principal, interest, and all fee-related variables get reprocessed according to each payment’s custom-designated waterfall model. We have full integration with our preferred payment merchant, REPAY Electronic Payments, so payments flow through REPAY’s payment portal, and directly into Lendisoft with ease and automation. Payment waterfalls are processed through our payment transaction partner, Carleton Inc, the country's leading provider of financial calculation technology. Partners like these make Lendisoft more robust and bring some of the industry’s most mature platforms directly to Lendisoft clients. For a demo, contact us today!


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