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Risk Management Matters

I came across these results recently and thought I’d share. Back in early 2018 I introduced several risk management tools and strategies at a Southwest regional auto lender in San Diego. They were using a well-known SaaS LMS that most everyone is familiar with; but operationally, they were just dialing/texting-for-dollars with dynamic work queues—working hard, but not smart. From Q1-2018 forward, we implemented a series of risk-based collection strategies, using many of the same techniques and strategies we’ve built into Lendisoft LMS. I’ll share 2 charts that really stand out: (1) 30+ Delinquency %, and (2) Monthly Payments Collected as a Percentage of Outstandings.

Simply put, optimizing collections can transform your servicing operation. If you believe you are only collecting 70% of your potential, or maybe you would like to reduce staff without sacrificing collection revenues—or maybe you’re concerned with all the talk about impending recession. Either way, risk management capabilities make a real difference in collection results. Lendisoft was designed with risk management at its core. Want to assign the toughest accounts to your top agents? Want to create competing contact strategies and run them in parallel to learn which ones deliver the best ROI? Our architecture is built around the “Potential Delinquency” method of collections, so assignments are fixed at BOM so you can measure precise performance daily. We include best-time-to-call, risk grades, odds-of-roll, net-balance-at-risk, LTV timeline forecasting, and many other risk-based tools and features that can transform your ability to collect more dollars with fewer staff. We believe we’re the only SaaS LMS in the market bringing this level of optimization and efficiency. Built for enterprise lending, 100% cloud-based, ultra-configurable, and priced for lenders of any size.

Now take a look at these charts, and imagine that 2018, 2019, and 2020, was actually 2023, 2024, and 2025 for your organization.

We are now in the market and looking for early adopters. Schedule a demo today!


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