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Streamlining Compliance: The Lendisoft Approach

Compliance is a really big deal these days. And despite a lender’s genuine desire to comply, it’s often difficult getting every agent to understand every rule, and then to execute perfectly with every single customer interaction. But Lendisoft is here to help. Our approach at compliance is to put less reliance on the agent, and to put more reliance on the software. For example, imagine telling an agent they can’t call one of their past due accounts for 4 more days, understanding that agent’s true motivation is trying to hit their collections goal to secure a big commission before month-end. Now, imagine removing the ability to make the call until the account is once again within its acceptable communication limits. Which approach delivers 100% accuracy? If you’re relying on education and training alone to drive compliant call center operations, you’ll always fall short. Better to first drive compliance within your software’s rules and validation—and then layer education and training on top—this is the Lendisoft way. At Lendisoft, we obsess about compliance, and employ a dedicated compliance officer with a computer-science background to always be thinking of new and clever ways to enforce compliance through our software. For more information, schedule a demo today!


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