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The buy vs build dilemma

When it comes to software, all lenders are faced with the “buy vs. build” dilemma at some point. In truth, buy vs. build only exists because “buying” typically means sacrifice. Nobody really wants to “build”—it’s more expensive and far more difficult to manage. But it’s really been the only option if you want competitive advantage. NO MORE! Lendisoft is the first SaaS lending platform that goes head-to-head with some of the most advanced home-grown solutions in the industry. We solve all the pain: our LMS is 100% cloud-based, ultra-customizable, built around a process-driven architecture so all agents overperform, and a no-code solution so business executives fly the ship—not your IT staff. We also include AI and ML scoring technologies that drive automation and optimize efficiencies. We have predictive models for likelihood of default, likelihood of roll, and likelihood of cure. And all that sophistication is simplified down into easy-to-understand Risk Grades (A-E), which drive things like “skill-based assignments” so your top agents work the toughest accounts; and we facilitate champion/challenge campaigns for unlimited A/B testing scenarios—to learn once-and-for-all which contact strategies are truly the most cost effective. Our “core” mission was to build an LMS that goes far deeper than just servicing functionality—we optimize the entire collections and recovery process. Collectively, our integrated risk management tools are designed to improve monthly collection revenues by up to 30% when compared to using current, market-leading SaaS LMS solutions in the marketplace! And our LMS is just the first module in our 5-module roadmap. Call us today for a Lendisoft demo!


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