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Lendisoft at AFSA 2022 Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo

Visit us at the premier FinTech conference for Auto Finance Professionals at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on March 8-10.

Lendisoft will be answering questions and sharing the Lendisoft Servicing product in the Exhibitors’ Marketplace at location v10 on March 8th thru the 10th. Come join us!

Lendisoft attendees will include:

  • Rick Haskell, COO & Founder

  • Bill Gerber, CRO – Founder’s Circle

  • Eli Boy, VP Product & Design – Founder’s Circle

Lendisoft is designed for lenders by lenders. Addressing the complex challenges of managing a lending portfolio with the latest in FinTech technology. Want to learn more? Call us at 949-888-5557 to answer your questions or schedule a DEMO today!


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