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Lendisoft in Finovate Spring 2022

Lendisoft is privileged to be part of this ‘best of the best’ event with a demonstration, competition and investor meet up. During this event our founders will share a 7 min overview & demonstration that will be judged for a Best of Show award to an audience of 1000+ investors. Lendisoft will be sharing the Loan Origination System (LOS) and Loan Management Software (LMS) modules and B2C mobile apps. The Lendisoft End-to-End Lending Platform embeds the latest in Machine Learning and AI automation with Risk Management making the process of originating and managing a loan portfolio easy, effective and more profitable. The Lendisoft End-to-End Lending Plaform, strategy and best practices have resulted in ~30% lift in monthly collections performance. Join us at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square on May 18-20, 2022 for this unique event.

Lendisoft attendees will include:

  • Rick Haskell, Founder & COO

  • Bill Gerber, CRO – Founder’s Circle

  • Eli Boy, VP of Operations – Founder’s Circle

Lendisoft is an end-to-end Loan Management software suite with an integrated set of Risk Management solutions. Delivered via a Saas/Subscription model, Lendisoft leverages the latest in cloud based, Big Data and AI technologies to help lenders obtain a highly profitable portfolio, greater operational performance and adhere to State & Federal Regulatory and Compliance guidelines. Want to learn more? Call us at 949-888-5557 to answer your questions or schedule a DEMO today!


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